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  • The weapon determines characteristics of a fleet
  • Each weapon has their pros and cons in stats 
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[ Fig 01 Weapon Development ]
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  • Beam is a weapon system which has the ordinary range and rate of fire
  • It is a general-purpose weapon system that you can use from the start of the game.


  • Missile is a weapon system which the has relatively long range and slow rate of fire.
  • Thanks to its guide system, it is strong to small ships, such as destroyers, but it is weak against motherships since its HE warhead not appropriate to penetrate their thick armors.


  • Fighters are a weapon system which has the very short range and high rate of fire.
  • It has short range, but as a benefit in return, it has much higher attack than other weapon systems, so once you get your enemies in the range, you can eliminate them very fast.


  • Cannon is a weapon system which has the very long range and very low rate of fire.
  • Due to Its long range, you can finish a battle very quickly if it deals massive damage to your enemy in the early phase of the battle. However, if it fails, it becomes useless in the late phase and the battle will become very disadvantageous.