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  • ‘In Astronest - The beginning’, participating in a war is an action that let your fleets fight with your enemy's fleet

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  • At least one fleet and its commander are needed to war
  • High-performance ships and weapons are needed to win a battle
  • Heroes with high stats are necessary for a victory
  • The heroes' skills can significantly influence the outcome of a war
  • To win a battle, you must eliminate 100% of the enemies fleets
  • If you fail to destroy all the fleets in the limited turns, the enemy' defense system, 'Astronest', actives and your fleets retreat automatically.


  • Even if you win, you can still lose your ships.

Types and Purposes of Battles.


  • A war occurs in one of the three cosment regions where you can mine for cosments
  • By aggregating personal war results, the winning Faction is determined
  • The wars occurs over a 24 hour period with a 3 hour "Peacetime"
  • If your Faction wins, you can mine that regions cosments for 51 hours
  • Personal rewards will also be given to nations based on its ranking for that war


  • Through different scenarios, you can pursue and attack space pirates
  • You can gain rewards by defeating the pirates


  • When you play the campaign mode, there is a small chance that you can discover an alien fleet.
  • You won't fail an attack unless you do zero damage to the alien, unlike war/campaign modes.
  • You gain gold and minerals when you successfully damage the alien fleet.
  • If the alien fleet is defeated in the limited time, you can get Alien-technology and dark matter
  • If your nation has allies, they can also help you defeat the Alien
  • Alien spawn rates and drops (rewards) are random
  • Alien spawn rates increase during times of peace


  • You can practice battle your allies, regardless of faction.
  • You can skirmish your friends once a day
  • You also get rewards from skirmishes
  • Rewards are totally random.

Strategy for Victory

  • Higher tier weapons and ships with higher performance are necessary to win a battle.
  • It is important to use the hero skill and ability properly.
  • You should also choose ships and weapons that match up with the heroes abilities, skills and roles.
  • Using a weapon which matches the hero ability can increase the weapons performance even greater.
  • Enhancement research is extremely good for powering up your fleets capabilitys to win.
  • To win a battle, you need to understand fleets' characteristic.
  • Some weapons are strong against a certain kind of ships.
  • There are Countermeasure skill for each skill. A certain defense skill can block a specific attack skill effectively.
  • To win an enemy in a specific formation, you need to consider countermeasures, such as weapons and other formation.
  • It is crucial to know about your enemy well before you initiate a battle.
  • If your fleet scale is big, you can be a target of high level users.
  • On the contrary, if you don't have enough fleets, you can not attack an enemy effectively.