Tron summary

  • Tron is a supportive robot which works for a hero.
  • Each hero can equip an Assault Tron and a Support Tron.
  • A Tron is not belong to a specific hero. and its owner can be changed freely.
  • An Assault Tron increases the hero's abilities.
  • A Support Tron increases hero's stats comprehensively.
  • A Tron has its own type, rank and level.
  • A Tron has its primarily&optional bonuses.
  • A Tron is made of the parts and its performance varies on them.
  • Tron parts can be obtained from the Campaign.
  • A user can have the certain number of trons and the number depends on the user's level.
  • If you fire a hero, Trons owned by the hero become idle and available for other heroes.

[ Fig. 01 Complete Trons ]
Tl 111
Tl 112
Tl 113
Tl 121
Tl 122
Tl 123

Tron Rank&Level

  • There are 5 Tron Ranks form D to S,
  • Higher rank Trons have more functions.
  • Tron level varies from 5 to 85.
  • Higher level Trons have higher performance.
  • The Tron's rank and level depends on the level and quality of the parts.
  • If you want to assemble a high rank Tron, you need to spend high rank parts for it.
  • The Tron's performance and stats are totally random and they follow the limits its rank and level allow.
  • Trons above

[ TABLE 01. Tron performance at each Rank ]
Rank The number of additional options Description(buff)
Ts 121
  • Only primary option
Ts 221
1 option
  • A Primary bonus
  • One additional bonus among ATK, DEF and Govern
Ts 321
  • A Primary bonus
  • One additional bonus among ATK, DEF, Govern and Leader ship
Ts 421
2 options
  • A Primary bonus
  • Two additional bonuses among ATK, DEF, Govern and Leadership
Ts 521
  • A Primary bonus
  • Two additional bonuses among ATK, DEF, Govern, Leadership, Abiltiy and Skill.

Tron type and performance

  • There are two type of trons: Assault Trons and Support Trons.
  • Assault trons buff the hero's combat stats.
  • Support trons buff hero's stats supportive stats.
  • A Tron has its primarily&optional bonuses.
  • The tron's performance increases according to it's level.
  • The higher rank a Torn is, the Higher performance it has.
[ Fig 02. My tron screen ]
IMG 0539

[Tron naming]

  • There are special naming rules for Trons.
  • The alphabet depends on its type, and the number depends on its level.

[ TABLE 02. Types and Abilities ]
Assault Tron-A00 An assault tron specilized in ATK Buffs ATK stat
Assault Tron-D00 An assault tron specilized in DEF Buffs DEF stat
Assault Tron-L00 An assault tron specilized in LS Buffs leadership stat
Support Tron-J00 An assault tron specilized in Ability Buffs ability level stat
Support Tron-E00 An assault tron specilized in EXP Buffs experience acqusition
Support Tron-G00 An assault tron specilized in Govern Buffs Govern stat

[ TABLE 03. Probability of successful Assembly]
Assult Tron ATK type DEF type LS type
Assamble chance Normal chance
Support Tron Ability type EXP type Govern type
Assamble chance Lower chance

Assembly and Disassembly

  • You can assemble a Tron with three Tron parts: a Core, Opter and Pivot.
  • There are two type of Pivots: Assault Pivots and Support Pivots. They decide the Tron's type
  • There are two types of Tron parts: normal and advnaced. Their rank vary from 1 to 5.
  • The result of assembly depends on the parts' rank and quality.
  • Using high rank parts increases the chance of making a high rank and level Tron.
  • The assembly costs gold and the cost increases when you use higher rank parts
  • When you disassemble a Tron, you can get some minerals and the amount varies with the Trons' rank
  • After an assembly, the parts that you used will be discarded.
  • You can check the estimated level, Rank and performance of a Tron you will make
[ Fig 03. Tron Assembly menu ]
IMG 0541
IMG 0542

[ TABLE 04. The quality of the parts and the tron's rank ]
Parts D Rank C Rank B Rank A Rank S Rank
3 ADV Parts O O O
2 ADV, 1NORM parts O O O
1 ADV, 2 NORM parts O O O O
3 NORM parts O O O


  • You can assign a Tron in the hero stat screen.
  • When you click a blank slot, the Torn list comes out.
  • After you complete the assignment, you can back to the hero screen by clicking anywhere out of the list.
  • A hero can have one assault Tron and one support Tron.
  • An assigned Tron can be unarmed and assigned to another hero,
  • A Hero can equip a Tron regardless the tron's level, Rank and other conditions.
  • You can remove the tron from the hero freely.

[ Fig 04. Eqquiping a Tron ]
IMG 0548
IMG 0549
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