• Trons are accessories that can improve your hero's performance
  • A hero can equip only two Trons at the same time: 1 Battle Tron and 1 Support Tron
  • Trons can currently go up to tier 6
  • Tron capsules give out different ranked tron parts depending on the campaign mode you're currently on
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Tron PartsEdit

  • All trons require three parts to be assembled: a core, an opter, and a pivot
  • The most effective way to get tron parts is by doing Campaigns (You can play the mode repeatedly to get them more)
  • They can also be collected throughout the game as rewards, random drops and in store packages
  • Cores are the CPU and foundation of trons
  • Pivots determine whether the tron will be a battle or support tron
  • Opters determine what statistic will be the primary attribute for the tron
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[ Table 01. Tron Parts ]
Tron Part Screen Icon Name Description Campaign Icon
Support pivot
SUPPORT PIVOT Creates a Support Tron
Support Pivot
Battle pivot
BATTLE PIVOT Creates a Battle Tron
Battle Pivot
Delta opter
DELTA OPTER Enhances Leadership or Ability
Gamma opter
GAMMA OPTER Enhances Leadership or Govern
Gamma Opter
Theta opter
THETA OPTER Enhances Defence or Experience
Theta Opter
Alpha opter
ALPHA OPTER Enhances Attack or Experience
Alpha Opter

Tron Part UpgradesEdit

  • You can upgrade tron parts
  • Ex. Advanced tron part to a rare tron part 
  • You must have 5 of the same type and tier tron part to upgrade
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Assembling a TronEdit

  • Choose your Core then the Opter and Pivot to assemble a tron
  • Above the support button you will see that your trons rank and specs will be within a certain range
  • The range is determined by the tier and rarity of the parts used (It is advised to use the highest tier tron parts together)
  • The outcome, while within the range, is random 
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Tron Build OutcomesEdit


Equipping/Removing TronsEdit

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  • Trons can be equipped by tapping the blank tron area while viewing a hero
  • Trons can be removed without cost by tapping the equipped tron while viewing the hero and tapping the equipped tron 

Disassemble a TronEdit

  • You can disassemble a tron
  • Disassembling a tron gives you 1 part back
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Additional Tron InfoEdit

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