• To note: This is not specific for any part of the game. I couldn't find a topic sutied to the advice I needed so I'm making this one.

    Heres a quick little structure system:

    [EP you need help in] [Level you need help in] [Your ship types] [Formation useing] [Weapon using]

    {Description of your problem and additinal fleet stats.}

    For example a perdicament I had, this is what I did to solve it.

    [EP-5] [LVL-5] [Battleship(x5) - 72/73/82/73/72] [Central Assault] [T3 Sensitive Beam/T2 Fox Fighters]

    So I'm stuck on this one due to the central ship using cannons causing my central and mid right fleets to die in one attack phaise. Two of my beam fleets uses Beam extention T1, Partical Control T2, Partical Diffusion T2. My fighter fleets use Ex-weapon T1, Relex Shield T1, and I don't have a third one to help (its Partical Control, I have yet to develop something useful.) My third Beam fleet is also using Hybrid Coating insted of Partical Control so try and stop the cannon dmg.)

    Also my fleet scale is 5,580.

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