• Maybe we shpu;d be able to War or Skirmish players planets for Cosments and may be Minerals too as a seperate option so when players are getting hit by TANK players they can go steal their resources instead of fighting a losing battle against there fleet in the regular war.

    I haven'y quite fleshed this out 9n a way O could explain it completely - how it would wprk - just thought it would be a great way to open up new content/game play and give players something else to worry about. Cpu;d have a storage facility on a your planet thet woul protect a number of resources dependent uppn level of facility.

    What say you?

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    • Well, since I can't compete with the uber fleets, I am resigned to losing resources every hour or so, and then on top of it, losing close to 750,000 minerals + gold to repair those losses. It makes it all but impossible to accumulate more than about 2 million minerals, which means that my upgrades to planet facilities are grinding to a halt. Can't make any headway when you lose 100 AP of alien fleet attacks on the hour. I hate waking up in the morning and seeing my battle log full of losses and losing 1-2 million in minerals to repair the losses and losing 1/3 of my AP to start the day.

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    • Yeah kind of a bummer. I had this same problem before and made lot of posts about it. Now I don't have this problem because I upgraded my planet facilities but my fleets still lose all day lol. I know the feels bro

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