• Hi All,

    I have a few comments/suggestion/questions 

    1. We have the forums in Astronest wiki and we now have an FB group, which is the better/proper venue for suggestions, bug reports etc?

    2. There should be an option for "do not show this message again". I'm thinking I can use this for attacking when i have a shield, its annoying 

    3. Still on war, when the player we are attacking is using a shield, either give us the opportunity to choose from the other two opponents or automatically search for new opponents, instead of going back to the screen where we have to click on "participate". This saves time especially when the war is about to end. If we encounter a player we recently attack, it would allow us to choose from another two ( but then again, i think the players we recently attacked should not show in the choices at all)

    4. Minor: Name of commanders  see attached pic. hopefully you can sort it out, guys having girl names etc.

    5. Major; its misleading when we go to alien tech, the beam extension device shows Beam Acc 40 and Beam Atk -10. this stat is really good and attractive so i saved up to but this tech. when i equipped the tech, i was disappointed because it said Acc+40 and BEAM ATK -10%. we know -10 and -10% have a huge difference! please fix or clarify this. please let us know which the correct one is. (this is as misleading as the ATK booster but i don't use that so often :))

    6. It would also be great if you can give more description to equipment and devices. the sensitive beam for example says Affect RES x2 and as you are well aware, we see a lot of questions regarding this. 


    Beam Device
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    • You should post this on the facebook page where they are asking for feedback for improvements. And FYI, sensitive beam comment means effects any beam res is twice as effective against this weapon

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    • I thought that the correct place to place inquiries was the wiki, since in the FB page there is a message that says that they don't answer to messages there. But seeing that not everyone uses the wiki and everyone uses FB then I find it reasonable to use both sites to place inquiries. Not everyone is a wiki lover.

      I read the questions and comments that people put on the FB group page but I don't answer there because the group is public and every comment I put appears on my timeline and I don't want that lol.

      I would mostly appreciate it if they made the Astronest FB group hidden/private so that posts appear only there and that way more people would post there. I know friends that don't post anything in the group because they don't want those posts to appear on their timeline and on their FB friends' news feed.

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