• The Opponent targeting system has been evolving over time, and had improved to some extent before the latest update.

    Post the update, this is a mess and clearly not working.  Only being able to select the lowest ranked players I hope this is a glitch.

    Suggestions Below:

    1) Target Scanning Filters: 

    Suggest options for players to use preferences for scanning, such as setting the player levels to scan for, the contribution range, or to select only "starred" players for example, or a combination of these.

    A player may want to select only weaker players, or may want to challenge the stronger players, be hunting for cosments looking for starred opponents, or want to hit within a certain contribution level, and filter the rest out. 

    Currently it is a random "crap shoot" as to what you'll get.  Also, the slowness of the response during busy periods is frustrating.

    2) Favorites List: 

    I'd also like the ability to surgically select players, and wonder if there is a way to set up a "favorites" sublist to choose from to short circuit the load on the servers, and allow for optimal battle response.

    I've also found that while I was away or asleep etc, that opponents could strike my fleets, but that when I was online, players that were not online were showing up in the target list.  How does that happen?  All players should be accessible for matches at all times shouldn't they? So having a favorite list would really help in this case.

    3) Remove or Improve "Waiting Period" Workflow:

    I adamantly disagree with the waiting period and if it still exists should be abolished - it is unfair and clogs good game play.  The shield system is more than sufficient - if you choose to cancel your shield you should be open to attack, period.

    I'm not clear if the update removed the infuriating situation of selecting an opponent only to have a screen pop up saying you can't attack them again.  I hope so, this was a class "A" pain.  Please clarify if this impediment has been removed in the latest update.  So far I haven't seen this happen, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    While this was/is highly frustrating from a workflow point of view*, surely this must also majorly add to bogging down the servers, especially with each instance needing to populate the fleet information screen first, on top of the cumbersome and inefficient workflow.  Replicate this accross a significant number of players, and watch the servers choke if the I/O isn't set up to handle the load.

    * Workflow:  Select opponent, wait for the fleet stats to populate - sometimes took more than a minute, screen pops up saying you can't attack the oponent, then click "confirm" to shut this screen down, then hit back space to get back to the target selection area, then finally refresh teh targets, only to have to do this over and over and over....  (you get the idea).

    Revenge:  Surely this should work one time every time an Opponent attacks irrespective of any "waiting period".

    Hope this is of interest.  What do other people think?

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    • I totally agree with the 1st suggestion. Adding filters would really help out the war system and it would potentially eliminate having to attack very low level players.

      I don't agree with a favorites list because that would open up the way for bullying and the problem of targeting a single player, which is something AN works to avoid.

      In regards to the waiting period. What I understood from the update is that the waiting period after you attack someone is still in effect, the only thing is that that player won't appear in your attack screen until you are able to attack that player again, which in the past that player appeared even if you could not attack it.

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    • What happened to the war selection target? I cant find anyone near my level at all. Thers only a very low level target. I still can fight enemy from the defense list so its not the target being under shield or protection system but simply cant find it.

      Please fix it.

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    • ye, the only enemies near my level are too strong. all the other ones seem to have disapperared for some reason. and there are the ones that are just really weak. At first i thought maybe there was someone on neos just taking out every single target as soon as they come out of protection but it seems it might not be the case

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    • Target selection is fixed after reset. And i want to say how much i love the target that have cinsecutive shield doesnt apper anymore. Thanks AN and fury!

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