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  • These parts determine your fleet's defensive characteristics
  • 4 types, Ship, Armor, Engine, Extra Parts available.
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[ Fig 01 Fleet Development]
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  • It is a major component of your fleet.
  • Each type has its own pros and cons, for example, specialization in dodge, balance, attack or resistance.
  • To change it, you need to disband a fleet or open a extra fleet slot


  • Destroyer is a small ship which have the highest evasion chance among the ships due to its high speed,
  • But it is weak against missile. Thanks to its low leadership requirement, it is good to operate a massive scale of them


  • Cruiser is a well-balanced midsize ship.
  • It has ordinary performance, so it is good to use it in the middle of the game.

Battle Ship

  • Battle ship is an assault ship specialized in attack.
  • It has the highest fire power among the ships, on the other hand, it also has the lowest durability, so it is quite vulnerable to enemy attack.

Mother Ship

  • Mothership is a gigantic ship with high durability.
  • It has the highest durability and appropriate firepower, so it is used in late game. However, it is quite vulnerable to cannon.


  • Engines determine your fleet's speed, directly related to dodge rate.


  • Armors determine your fleet's durability or resistance.


  • 4 types of devices are availble. Their bonuses are not big as other parts, but still significant. 
  • There is no duplicated part use of the same parts