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  • 2400 - Earth is rapidly deteriorating, as a humanity harnesses energy from its core.
  • 2500 - As global leaders come to the realization that Earth may soon be uninhabitable, they activate a secret project called AstroNest.
  • 2525 - A nuclear reactor fails and somehow sends enormous amounts of energy into the Earth’s core--resulting in Earth being destroyed. Humanity is forced into space. Immediately after the destruction of the Earth, leaders from all former Earth countries form the The Federation of Terra. The main purpose of the Federation is to form a colony amongst the stars.
  • 2535 - Colonization has begun and resources begin to run out as humanity begins to grow and expand.
  • 2600 - Warp drive is developed to further humanities reach outside the solar system and into the universe.
  • 2700 - Terra continues to successfully develop space and begins to send fleets into deep space.
  • 2750 - During the exploration, many fleets were lost, one being the Neos fleet. Terra never slowed down and learned to forget about any setbacks.
  • 2800 - Space development continues until Terra builds a vast galactic nation. Nonetheless, Terra realizes that it cannot continue expanding with the resources it has. Development slows down and Terra sends discovery drones out to find new energy resources.
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  • 2820 - Meanwhile, one of the missing fleets that failed to reach warp, Neos, barely manages to settle on a planet in a faraway galaxy.  It name itself, the Alliance of Neos. While exploring, they find new elements called Cosments. Cosments have amazing development capabilities and allows for the rapid expansion of the Alliance of Neos.

  • 2910 - Discovery drones of Terra and Neos ships met each other. Initially, both factions were happy to meet each other again.
  • 2950 - Terra realizes that the Cosments Neos found were the powerful energy resources they had been searching for all along. Realizing how strong the Neos faction was and wanting access to the cosments, Terra seeks to gain these resources under the guise of unification.
  • 2956 - Neos stands against the unification as they knew, reintegration would be too difficult. They claim their right to possess cosments and be their own “nation” so WAR BREAKS OUT.
  • 2966 (Present) - The war spawns multiple star systems and is constantly stalemated between the two sides, none has a clear advantage over the other causing endless fighting over the cosments to try and end the war once and for all.