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  • By conducting research, you can upgrade your ships and weapons to be more effective.
  • There are several catagorys of research, some easier than others to complete.
  • Development research is focused on new ships/devices and weapons.
  • Enhancement's boost the base stats of your ships/planet buildings and weapons.
  • Special research (Such as Alien technology) require rare materals from alien raids.
  • In order to conduct more powerful research, the cosments and research needed increase.
  • It is important to note that picking one branch of research does not lock you out from the others.
  • However generally it is best to focus on one or two types which match your playstyle.
[ Fig 01. Research Menu ]
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Types of research[]

[Enhancement research]

  • Enhancement research can drastically improve your nations attributes
  • By conducting the research, you can boost your fleets durability/evasion, weapons damage/accuracy.
  • Enhancements in these fields are very powerful, increasing your ship/weapons dur/damage by 2% a level.
  • Ship evasion and weapon accuracy get boosted by +1 per level.
  • You can also boost your planetary buildings base effectiveness by 2% per level.
  • Each enhancement can be leveled up to 60 times, making it a very powerful tool for your nations growth.

[Weapon development research]

  • You can develop 4 kinds of weapons by completing the research.
  • Beam weapons have balanced stats and range, making them easy to use and effective.
  • Missle weapons have the highest accuracy in the game and good range.
  • Fighter weapons have the highest attack and rate of fire, but very low range.
  • Cannon weapons have the highest range, but very low rate of fire and moderate damage/accuracy.
  • The higher your research from your planets, the higher rank of each weapon you can research.
  • Beams are the cheapest to research, followed by missles, then fighters, then cannons.
  • Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, using them in synergy with your fleet is key to success.

[Fleet development research]

  • You can develop 4 kinds of ships and multiple ship devices in this catagory
  • The ships are destoryers, cruisers, battleships and motherships.
  • Destoryers are your starting ship, they carry great evasion and moderate firepower, but are very fragile.
  • Cruisers are medium sized ships, they have balanced durability/resist and evade but lack damage.
  • Battleships are large sized ships, they have the highest attack in the game, but weakest defenses.
  • Motherships are giant sized ships, they have extremely good durability and attack, but terrible evasion.

Ship Devices:

  • There are 3 main types of ship devices: Engines, armour, and special devices.
  • In each catagory of device, there are multiple branches to pick and research which effect different attributes.
  • For engines, you can pick a general evasion boost, or one more speclised to two types of evasion.
  • For armours, again, you can pick between armours which boost certain resist values.
  • For ship devices, you can pick between evasion, durability, resistance, weapon damage and accuracy
  • There are even more special devices from alien raids and hyper lab research to unlock as you progress!

[Formation development research]

  • You can develop 9 kinds of special formations.
  • Each formation boosts certain stats on your fleet, while some also have drawbacks.
  • Each formation also changes how your fleet goes into battle and which ships get targeted first.
  • Generally, you want to put the heros which have more defensive power on the 'front line' slots.
  • Damage dealing heros are best suited in the backlines, so they are protected from most damage.
  • ALL ships in the formation will recieve the same boosts, regardless of location!

[Alien technology research]

  • This research can be conducted with special cubes which are obtained form Alien Raids, available from level 30.
  • Alien technologies include powerful weapon systems and special devices.
  • While each alien weapon and device is very powerful, they all have clear weaknesses at the same time.
  • This research requires alot of cosments even for low level weapons and requires dark-matter aswell
  • Dark matter can be obtained from any alien raid you take part in, even doing 1 damage will grant a small amount.