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Recon force introduction[]

Recon force is a system which involves sending out heros to unexplored reigons of space in order to scout out for items and other bonuses for your nation, including s-rank and even paradise planets. Dispatched heros gain a sizable amount of exp, however your nation does not gain exp upon completion. Recon force is unlocked at nation lv20

Recon force basics[]

In order to send a recon fleet, you must first have at least one hero not assigned to a planet or fleet already. When selecting onto the main screen (Main menu -> Planets -> Recon force) you are presented with 3 locations each with a different time duration.

Recon location screen
2017-04-14 14-44-32.png

When selecting one of these three locations, the dispatch window pops up, here you can add up to 2 heros for free and customise your fleet more with the use of booster items.

Recon dispatch screen
2017-04-14 14-45-07.png

The current boost items available are:

  • [Recon - Increase exp] - Increases base experience of the recon fleet by 50%
  • [Recon - Reduce time] - Reduces the time of a recon fleet by 25%
  • [Recon - Increase rewards] - increases the item reward amount by 50%
  • [Recon - Add hero] - Allows you to add an additional hero to the fleet (Total of 3)

Using these booster items is as easy as clicking on the icon on the dispatch window, or selecting a 3rd hero.

These booster items also only drop from campaign missions at a rare drop-rate, there are no other methods of obtaining them as of writing (patch 2.7)

Recon force rewards[]

When the recon fleet has finished its scouting in deep space, it will return to your nation and give its report.

The heros involved will gain a large experience bonus (Tip: Experience trons and Experience boosts that are active when the fleet returns increase the experience gained) and will give your nation a modest amount of basic resources (Gold/minerals/cosments) In addition to items.

Recon item reward screen
2017-04-14 14-57-32.png

More often or not the recon fleet will have also found a location of a planet for your nation to colonise, this is a random C-rank - S-rank planet which will go into your planet discovery window for later viewing. The 2.7 update seems to have removed the 12 hour time limit on the discovered planets, however, at the time of writing you have to accept the new planet to complete the recon mission.

Recon planet reward screen
2017-04-14 14-57-11.png

In addition, rarely your fleet will also pick up intel of a s-class planet or even a paradise planet in deep space, these require multiple recon dispatches to fully locate the location, then finally when you have the location you need to dispatch a fleet in order to bring the planet into a planet discovery window.

Recon Intel screen
2017-04-14 14-58-27.png

Its not fully understood which area yields what results for finding a paradise planet, but the chances of finding intel are uniform between the 3 locations and, rumor has it, the longer your heros are dispatched, the more infomation they are able to find.