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  • In the campaign mode, you can meet alien fleets.
  • They are unidentified and mysterious
  • However, they have much better technologies.
  • Alien fleets have very strong attack and defense ability

[ Fig 01. Raid ]
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Appearance of Alien Fleets[]

  • Each episode has a different chance of meeting an alien fleet.
  • You can meet a specific kind of alien fleet in each episode.
  • The higher level episode you play, the stronger alien fleets you will meet.
  • You can only discover one alien fleet at a time.
  • You need to defeat the alien fleet that you discovered before you can discover other alien fleets.
  • Regardless of the condition of the alien fleet you discovered, you can help your allies to defeat alien fleets they found.
  • If you and your allies fail to defeat an alien fleet within the limited time, you won't get rewards.

Raid Progress[]

  • The discoverer has a right to attack the alien fleet first.
  • After you attack a discovered alien, a notification will be sent out to all your allies.
  • Maximum of 19 nations can participate in each raid.
  • If a raid party is full before you join it, you can not participate in the raid.
  • Each alien fleet has its own weakness that allow you to deal extra damage to it.
  • The participants will be ranked by damage that they dealt.
  • If you fail to destroy even a single ship in the alien fleet, you will be considered as a player who didn't make any contribution. However, no AP will be consumed.

Raid Rewards[]

  • If you defeat an alien fleet within the limited time, you will get rewards.
  • You will get gold and minerals
  • You will get a bonus to nation and hero experience.
  • Every participant will get basic rewards.
  • Every participant will get dark matter for the damage that they dealt.
  • The discoverer will get additional rewards; sometimes they are very rare.
  • The top contributor will get additional rewards; sometimes they are very rare.
  • You will have a low chance to get an special cube that allow you to obtain Alien technologies.
  • To defeat an alien fleet which you discovered, you need some help from your allies higher level.
  • It is wise to participate in a raid which is for lower level nation that you.
  • Alien cubes are necessary to research alien technologies.
  • Dark-matters are necessary to research alien technologies.