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War Balance System[]

  • Takes effect in wars.
  • The loser side get +5% contribution point bonus in the next war.
  • If the loser side lose continuously, they will get the additional +5% bonus for each defeat.
  • On the contrary, the winner side will gain less contribution points in the next war.
[ Fig 01. The War ]
War general.jpg
War map.jpg

Shield system[]

  • If your fleets fails to defend an enemy attack, a shield system activates automatically.
  • The system activates for one hour and keeps you away from all enemy attacks.
  • If you attack an enemy while a shield is activated, you will lose the shield.

Continuous Attack Prevention System[]

  • You can’t attack a nation that you defeated continuously.
  • This rule takes effect for 3 hours.
  • If a nation in your side attack the nation, the rule won’t takes effect.
  • This rule is prevent a player from being attacked by the same player.

Bully Prevention System[]

  • If a player 10 levels higher than you attacks you, you won’t lose any ships.
  • The lower level an opponent, the less contribution points you gain.
  • The lower level an opponent, the less cosments you gain.
  • The lower level an opponent, the less gold and minerals you gain.