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Planet Minister Appointment

  • You can appoint one of your heroes as a planet minister to enhance the planetary facilities' performance.
  • With the govern stat, A planet minister increases all the resource incomes from his/her planet.
  • Every 1 govern stat increases all the facilities' performance by 2%.
  • The Planet minister's profession enhance a certain facility.
    • [Hero profession ability]
      • Economist : with the ability bonus, increases gold income by +n%.
      • Mineralogist : with the ability bonus, increases mineral income by +n%.
      • Energy scientist : with the ability bonus, increases energy by +n%.
      • Scientist : with the ability bonus, increases research capacity by +n%.
      • Engineer : with the ability bonus, increases fleet production capacity by +n%.
[ Fig 01. planet minister appointment ]
IMG 0575.jpg
IMG 0461.jpg

Planet Inspection

  • A planet minister can produce additional resources by inspecting his/her planet.
  • A planet inspection costs 10AP.
  • One of Gold, Mineral, Raon, Sectum or Nugen can be obtained in the progress.
    • In case of gold and mineral, you get 25% or 50% of hourly income at once. (effected by boosters)
    • In case of raon, sectum and nugen, you get 100 or 200 of one of the resources at once.
  • After the reource acquisition, you get a 25% chance to get an additional item .
    • [ Additional rewards from a planet inspection ]
      • Gold capsule (one of small, medium or big)
      • Mineral capsule (one of small, medium or big)
      • Raon capsule (one of small, medium or big)
      • Sectum capsule (one of small, medium or big)
      • Nugen capsule (one of small, medium or big)
      • Gold booster (12 hours)
      • Mineral booster (12 hours)
      • Experience booster (12 hours)
      • Contribution booster (12 hours)
      • Defense booster (12 hours)
  • After an inspection, the planet minister and your country gain experience.

[ Fig 02. Planet inspection ]
IMG 0395.jpg

Building facilities

  • You can build/upgrade facilities on your planets.
  • As the facility level gets higher, the upgrade effect gets bigger and costs more resources.
  • For further details about facility stats, check the Planetary facilities page
    • [Description of facilities]
      • Cosment Processing Facility : Gains the raw elements from secured cosment regions and refines them to use.
      • Residential Facility : Provides shelter for spacers and their taxes which are necessary for operating you nation.
      • Mining Facility : Produces minerals needed for fleet production, building and so on.
      • Research Lab : Provides research capacity which allows you to access to advanced technologies.
      • Fleet Production Line : Provides production capacity that reduces fleet production's AP cost
      • Energy Plant : Provides energy to maintain your fleets

[ Fig 03. Building a Planetary facility ]
IMG 0227.png
IMG 0228.png
IMG 0229.png
IMG 0230.png

Selling Planet

  • This function is for selling your planet.
  • When a planet is sold, you typically get 50% of its colonization cost.
  • Once a planet is sold, you can not reclaim it.
  • As you lose a planet, your resource incomes, gold, mineral, Cosments, research, energy, production capability, decrease
  • A planet minister of a sold planet will become idle.
[ Fig 01. Selling A Planet ]
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S 1794133.jpg