Leveling Up Your NationEdit

There are many ways to level up your nation, 

lowest leveling is just logging on to complete the daily mission, completing a war attack and a pursuit.skirmishes

1. Without spending money, you set a timer and every time your ap is filled, you log in and do dailies, skirmish people, spend ap on enhancements, and when all that is done, then you hit up war for cosmets & ship building. This way you save ap caps and still are progressing. You hit campaign sparingly, only for tron parts. But because you're not leveling fast, there is no pressure to get trons made asap. You can take your time. 

Or 2. You spend money, get ap caps, max enhancements, do dailies, and do war. You just don't really touch campaign (unless you need enough parts to make a tron) and you don't chase aliens. You can one time hit aliens but let others kill them for you so that you don't gain too much experience too fast.Slow leveling is simply choosing the options that give you the least XP per action: war, campaign, aliens in that order. Campaign and aliens give more XP the higher level they are. Pursuits fall somewhere in between. 

Enhancements are very low XP. Buildings don't give that much till ~30. 

Anyway, it's all relative to what you gain out of it. You can use all your apr in war and still be "slow". You will have the same pile of cosments as if you only did a little war each day. At least using apr, you'll get more honor points.