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When you click a planet that you have in the menu, you can see a screen like one above.

  • At the bottom of the screen, you can check your Planet's status and do some activites.
    • Prosperity : indicates how much your planet has been developed.
    • MAX LV : indicates until what level you can upgrade the buildings in the planet.
    • Research : indicates how much the planet boosts its research lab.
    • Sell this planet : You can sell your planet if you don't want it anymore. Be cautious! You can't get it back permanently, and you will get only part of the price.
    • Inspection : You can order the dispatched hero to inspect the planet. The hero will try to find something for you in the planet, and the result is totally depends on his/her level.
  • In the middle of the screen, you can check and manage Buildings on the planet.
    • Residential facility : Produces gold stably by an hour.
    • Mining Facility : Produces mineral stably by an hour.
    • Element processing Facility : Produces Cosments. However, what it produces is depends on how war is going. Check Resource page to learn more.
    • Energy planet : Supplies Energy which determine How many ships you can have in your fleets.
    • Research lab : Supplies Research which affects research costs and unlock new technologies.
    • Fleet production line : Supplies Production which affects costs of ships