Astronest Wiki

Main Screen[]


[ This is a description of the main screen of Astronest ]

  • A : Faction and Level Progress
    • Player's faction emblem and experience indicator.
  • B : Player AP
    • Shows your current AP.
    • Tap it, and a screen, related to AP recovery item purchase/use will pop up.
  • C : Player Information
    • Your nation level and title will be displayed in here.
    • You can check your nation ID and number as well (Yotein #90537 → Nation ID #Nation Number)
  • D : Notices, Daily Bonus and Events
    • You can check the notice screen, daily bonus status here.
  • E: Resources
    • You can see how many resources your nation has.
    • From left to right: Gold, Minerals, Crystals.
  • F : Resource Status
    • You can check your current resource status.
    • By tapping the square box, you can check more details, such as mining rates, research capacity, energy capacity, applied boosters, and more.
  • G: Chatting
    • When you tap the CHAT button, you can chat with other players.
  • H : Planet
    • Here you can manage your planets.
  • I : Research 
    • Conduct research and enhacements to advance your fleets and nation.
  • J : War
    • Here you can attack your servers opposing faction.
  • K : Pursuit
    • Do pursuit missions to get EXTERS.
  • L : League
    • Participate in Astro League.
    • Battle other players and get league rewards.
    • Note: League isn't always live.
  • M : Raid
    • Attack aliens here. 
    • Note: Aliens may not always be present for attacking.
  • N: Hero/Tron Management & Recruiting
    • Manage heroes, recruiting and trons here.
  • O : Fleet
    • ​Manage your fleets here.
  • P : Campaign
    • Play campaign mode for rewards and a higher chance to get tron parts.
    • ​There are 12 episodes of campaign.
  • Q : Market
    • Click here to purchase packages, crystals, resources and any other in-game resource.
    • The LD exchange shop is also located here.
  • R : Sale
    • Click here to see the days sales
  • S: Mission, Item, Inbox, Ally, Info
    • Clicking Mission allows you to check your mission progression.
    • View and manage your items.
    • Get alerts about ally alien discoveries and recieve gifts from allies.
    • Gift allies.
    • Check your account info, attack/defense records and nation ranking.