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  • In here, you may exchange your league points for heroes, items and other things.
  • Its mechanism is very similar drop event exchanges.
  • You may improve hero skills further by getting ADV skill LDs from here.
  • You may access the store at any time, even between rounds.
  • However between the end of a season and start of another, the store is closed.
[ Fig 01 League Supplies ]
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Supply Items[]

  • Rare items are available for 5 league points each
    • 15 Crystals
    • Rare hero invite x1
    • One skill LD for 1 of 5 types of skills (the 5 types change every season)
    • As you buy a item, the price rises by an additional 5 points
    • However, only the amount of crystals increases aswell.
    • You can only buy up to 10 of each catagory of item per season.
  • Rare Items are available for 400-800 league points.
    • Advanced skill LD chips, used to enhance skills from normal to advanced are only found here
    • Skills found in rare skill capsules cost 800 league points, the rest cost 400 league points.
    • You can only buy one advanced LD per season (7 rounds) of league.