• This menu shows items you have obtained in the game.
  • There are 3 types of categorization available: Items, Training LDs, Cubes.
  • Tapping an item in the inventory shows description of the item.
  • Tapping an one-off items will show you not only then description but also buttons that you can choose if you use the item.
  • Specific one-off items can be used at once regardless of their number.
Fig 01. Items
IMG 2500
Fig 02. Training LDs
IMG 2501
Fig 03. Cubes
IMG 2502


  • This is a screen where you can check received items or messages.
  • When one of your allies finds an alien fleet, notice will be sent and you can click it in the menu to participate in the raid.
  • You can accept ally gifts and login gifts in this menu.
  • Game system messages, event gifts can be checked in this menu as well.
  • Items you received in your inbox can be checked in your inventory.

Fig 02. Inbox