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Honor Supplies[]

How to use[]

  • In here, you can buy specific items for honor point that you have obtained in WAR.
  • Per purchase, you can get one of 10 kinds of items.
  • 200 honor point is required to get a honor supply.
  • The outcome is run by a RNG (Random Number Generator).

Honor supply items[]

[ TABLE 01 Honor supply items ]
Honor supply items/compositions
Special Hero
  • A special S grade hero or Unique Hero will appear in the recruit menu.
  • The hero's level depends on the Nation's level
Master Scout Hero
  • 2 Master Scout Tickets
  • You can hire Rank Unique, S-Master, S or A heroes immediately with this item.
Rare Skill

LD Capsules

  • 5 Rare Skill LD Capsules.
  • Spread fire LD, Random fire LD, Defensive shield LD, Counter fire LD, Piercing fire LD, Enhanced cosment LD, Explosive fire LD and Confusion fire LD can be obtained.
Cosment Capsule
  • 20 capsules
  • You can get about 10,000 of one kind of cosment.
  • 200 Crystals.
Grade-S Planet Discovery
  • You can get 1 discovery.
  • Immediately discover a Grade-S Planet.
Rank-S hero invitations
  • 10 Rank - S Hero Invitations
  • You can find a S grade planet immediately with this item.
Rare Skill


  • 25 Rare Skill LDs
  • Used to train heroes with rare skills
AP Recovery 
  • 20 AP Recoveries
  • Use one to refill your AP
  • 500 Crystals