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Role of Fleet Commander

  • Fleet Commanders lead their fleets with their special skills and abilities.
  • There are two types of fleet commanders: Attack&Defense
  • Attack Fleet Commanders are specialized in using weapons, they buff their fleets' ATK or ACC
  • Defense Fleet Commanders are specialized in amazing enemy attack or fleet maneuver, they buff their fleets' RES or EVA
  • By appointing an appropriate hero as a fleet commander, it can increase your fleet's efficiency significantly.

[ Fig 01. Appointing Fleet Commander]
IMG 0552.jpg
IMG 0561.jpg
IMG 0556.jpg
IMG 0554.jpg
By examining the characteristics of the fleet and hero, you need to appoint an fleet commander appropriate to your strategic purpose..

Appointment and Replacement

  • All heroes can be charged as a fleet commander and they can be replaced with other hero as well.
  • The commander's leadership stat determines how many ships can be involved in his/her fleet.

[ Fig 02. Appointing a Fleet Commander ]
IMG 0025.jpg
IMG 0026.jpg
1. Choose a fleet that need a commander on the list.

2. Push the 'PLACE HERO' or 'REPLACE' button to dispatch a hero

IMG 0027.jpg
IMG 0028.jpg
3. Choose a hero you want to appoint as the fleet commander 4. Appointment complete

[ Fig 03. Composing a Fleet with the commander's leadership ]
IMG 0029.jpg
IMG 0030.jpg
  • In the hero stat screen, you can check the hero's leadership stat.
  • This hero has 20 leadership stat.
  • The hero can control 20 destroyers(each destroyer consume 1 energy. The energy consumption varies with the type of a ship.
  • To control more than 20 destroyers, you need to appoint a new fleet commander with leadership higher than 20 or make the hero level up for more leadership.