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The Federation of Terra

The Federation of Terra

Massive federation that calls for the unity of humanity



  • The Federation of Terra was founded in 2525, just after the final battle to determine the remaining humanity's destiny.
  • Nuclear wars and the depletion of natural resources, before its foundation, forced them to go out and build space colonies. To rule the colonies and prevent them from seceding, they have enhanced their military power and gold income with their massive population. The high productivity makes the Federation is one of the strongest human factions.

The Alliance of Neos

The Alliance of Neos

New alliance fight for its freedom against the federation



  • The Alliance of Neos was founded in 2820, and its origin is a lost space colonization fleet.
  • Since warp technology became available, but was not fully developed, humanity started sending a lot of space colonization fleets to space to solve their issues: limited ground, resources and lethal pollution. One of the fleets failed to warp to the Neos system, and drifted for long time.
  • The drifters finally found a planet where they could live on through the terrible ordeal, but they could not find out even where they were. So, they chose to live by themselves and named themselves Neos which was the name of their initial destination. To survive in the inadequate environment, Neos have improved their mining technology and research capabilities and discovered cosments to become an extremely powerful Alliance.
  • After several centuries, in 2890, conflicts for cosments occurred between the Federation of Terra and the drifters, so the drifters united with nations around the Neos system and founded the Alliance of Neos.
  • To survive in the inadequate environment, Neos have improved their mining technology and research capabilities, and they become a power which able the alliance to fight with the the Federation of Terra on an even ground.