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  • An EXTER is an abbreviation of 'External Enhancer'
  • In the Tron tap screen, select a tron to mount, replace or dismount an EXTER
  • An EXTER is a device that you mount on a Tron for increased performance
  • Only 1 EXTER can be mounted on each Tron to improve that Trons performance
  • EXTERs can be obtained in the PURSUIT mode as a reward.
  • To get better EXTERs, you can try higher pursuit stages.
  • You can view the EXTERs you have obtained in the Tron tap in the hero menu.
  • EXTERs can be gained once every 12 hours in pursuit mode.

EXTER Abilities[]

  • EXTERs only increase the tron's bonus, which means, they cannot add a new bonus that the tron does not have
  • EXTERs can have a 1 bonus special ability with its basic abilities.
  • These are the special abilities EXTERs can have
    • Beam ACC, Missile ACC, Fighter ACC, Cannon ACC
    • Beam EVA, Missile EVA, Fighter EVA, Cannon EVA
    • Beam RES, Missile RES, Fighter RES, Cannon RES
    • Beam RNG, Missile RNG, Fighter RNG, Cannon RNG
  • The special abilities also applies to its tron, hero, as the end, the fleet
  • Only advanced EXTERs have both special and basic abilities (Normal ones only have basic abilities)
ATTACK EXTER Increases the tron's ATK bonus
DEFENSE EXTER Increases the tron's DEF bonus
GOVERN EXTER Increases the tron's GOV bonus
LEADERSHIP EXTER Increases the tron's LEAD bonus
ABILITY EXTER Increases the tron's ability bonus

Using EXTERs[]

  • You can mount an EXTER on a Tron ss long as the tron has one stat that is same as on the EXTER
  • Mounting an EXTER on a Tron does not cost resources the first time.
  • Replacing a mounted EXTER destroys the previously mounted EXTER and removes the bonus from the 1st tron, and applies its own bonus, the bonuses do not stack from EXTER to EXTER.
  • Mounted EXTERs can be dismounted without destroying it by spending 20 crystals.
  • EXTERs can be destroyed even when they are not mounted on a Tron.
  • Disassembling a Tron that has a mounted EXTER will destroy the EXTER
[ Fig 01. EXTER ]
Mounting an EXTER on a Tron
You can dismount or replace a mounted EXTER
You can check your EXTERs and also destroy them