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Parts combination

  • A ship is composed of three mandatory parts and up to three optional devices
  • The three mandatory parts are: Weapon, Armor and Engine.
  • Up to three special devices can be equipped optionally.
  • There are various special devices. For example, some special devices buff the ATK, DEF or EVAsion chance. Three special devices can be equipped, but you can't use two of the same device in the same fleet. It is very important to cover the fleet's weakness with special devices.

[ Fig 01. Parts of a ship ]
IMG 0560.png
By combining parts and devices, you can build your own custom ship type.

Parts upgrade

  • Every time you upgrade ship parts and devices, it will cost resources to perform the upgrade.
  • All parts require the same cost for an upgrade.
  • If you change a part of a fleet, it requires 5% of the fleet construction cost(Gold&Mineral) and 5AP.
  • The upgrade cost varies with the number of the ships.