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It is very difficult to make your nation stronger by upgrading buildings in only one planet. Eventually, you need to expand your territory to build additional buildings and colonizing is the way.

Basically, the system find a new planet every 12hours automatically. If you are in hurry, you can press the discover button and pay ten crystals to find one or you can use a planet discovery item in your invertory to get one in specific level.

you can see a brief information about a planet which has been discovered.

  • Max : The level that you can upgrade your buildings on this planet.
  • Env(environment) : Shows an advantage that you can get on this planet. It could be a Research advantage, additional gold income and so on.

When you want to start to colonize the planet, you can press the button one the left


Then, you should Press the colonize button on the planet until the completion.(Be catious! without the additional colonizing steps, there is no progress, thus, you can't own the new planet.) When it is done, you can see your planet on the my planet screen and manage it.