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  • In the campaign mode, you will defeat space pirates
  • The campaign mode has total 10 episodes and stages
  • You can see a special NPC in each episode.
  • Many items and resources will be given if you clear the stages.
  • While you are playing the campaign mode, you can meet alien fleets.

[ Fig 01. Campaign Menu ]
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  • Recently serial disappearance cases has been occurred. These cases are mysterious since not like typical missing cases, there is no evidence that the missing people tried to request for a rescue. The most recent missions case has been confirmed in the Arc system near our main fleets. Colonist got emberassed and feared due to the cases, so we want you to warp to the Arch system and investigate the cases carefully.


  • There are total 10 episodes in the campaign mode.
  • Each episode consists of 10 stages.
  • Each episode has its own special NPC.
  • Each NPC has its stats which vary with the rank.
  • As you clear episodes, you will meet NPCs harder to defeat.

Episode NPCs

[ TABLE 01. Episode NPCs ]
Ns 102.png
Ns 103.png
Ns 111.png
Ns 105.png
Ns 104.png
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
Ns 108.png
Ns 109.png
Ns 110.png
Ns 106.png
Ns 107.png
Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10

Campaign Description

[ TABLE 02. Campaign Description ]  
Episode Title Location Desctription
episode1 SURVEY ARC PLANETARY SYSTEM Mysterious missing case - A fleet which request a rescue disappeared without any evidence.
episode2 PURSUIT CRON PLANETARY SYSTEM Contact with a suspicious fleet - Chase the suspicious fleet in the accident site.
episode3 ANALYSIS DELTA PLANETARY SYSTEM Data core analysis  - Analyze the data core and reveal the secret of new weapons!
episode4 ZIOZARK EOS PLANETARY SYSTEM Capturing ZIOZARK - Capture ZIOZARK, scientist, who develops illegal weapons.
episode5 DE FACTO FRID PLANETARY SYSTEM Pursuing the manipulator - Find out the manipulator who support the illegal weapons
episode6 PLUNDER XIRO PLANETARY SYSTEM Plunder Defense - Secure the Xiro system from the plunder of Dario's fleet.
episode7 PROTECT HINDER PLANETARY SYSTEM Stopping massacre - Defeat Dario's fleets massacring the hinder system .
episode8 ASTRONEST IZLE PLANETARY SYSTEM Astronest activated - Buy some time until the defense system activates.
episode9 COUNTER ZINK PLANETARY SYSTEM Eliminating Enemy base - Enemy maim base spotted! Eliminate them!
episode10 ARMAGEDDON LICH PLANETARY SYSTEM Suppression of a rebellion - Defeat all the rebellions! This is the final battle!


  • You can move on the next episode if you clear all the prior stages.
  • You can repeat a stage that you have cleared before without limit.
  • The higher level a stage is, The stronger enemy fleets you meet.
  • As the number of the episode increases, you will meet harder NPCs
  • Stage 4 and 10 are boss stages. You will meet even stronger enemies in these stages.
  • To attempt to clear a stage, you need to spend 10 AP.

Campaign rewards

  • After clear a stage, you can get gold, minerals and experience.
  • As the level of the episode increases, you will get more resources and experience.
  • When you clear a stage for the first time, you can get a better item.
  • You need to chose a reward among three different selections.
  • You can get Tron parts in the campaign mode.
[ Fig 02. Campaign Rewards ]
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Pick one more

  • After you choose your reward among three items, you can get one more item.
  • You can get one of the two remaining items by paying 10 crystals.
  • This function is useful when you find some rare items, such as rare hero invitation item, rare skill LDs and so on.
  • Also, you can get a good tron parts for good trons in this way,
[ Fig 03. Pick on more ]
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Cap 2014-10-02 20-24-36-055.jpg