You can build and manage six kinds of buildings on each planet.

  • To improve the Buildings, you can choose two ways; Upgrading, Researching.
    • Upgrading can improve your building's performance rapidly, but it costs more than researching and effects only one building.
    • Researching can improve all of your buildings. It doesn't enhance your buildings quickly, but it costs less and can be more effective if you have several planets and many buildings.

Each building has its own role.

Planet in GHEdit

Planets are stepping stones that can help you make your nation stronger. They provide lots of things; research unlocks improved production efficiency, increases your ability to obtain resources, and your hero gains experience. Managing your planets and colonizing new ones cost a lot, and there are a lot of conditions that can interrupt your plan, so make your plan carefully before you click a button on the screen. For detailed information, check the links below.

Planet scape 1 s6

-Residential facility : Produces gold, but not significant amount.(You can earn enough in war and campaign.)

Planet scape 1 s2

-Mining facility : Produces minerals. Almost the same as with the residential facility.

-Element Processing Facility : Produces Cosments. Check the resource page to learn how it works.

-Energy plant : Produce energy which determines how many ships you can have. You can't expand your fleet without energy even though you have enough resources and research levels.

-Fleet production line : Determines production capability that influence the cost of fleets.

- Research lab : Determines research capability that allow you to use new features and to research more effectively.

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