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<1.5.0 Update Released on iOS>

As of 2015-02-13 23:17 KST, the Android version is still in the process of updating. Please wait!

<Compensation Event> Due to the delay in server maintenance, we will provide 50 crystals as compensation for anyone who logs into the game by 2015-02-14 (KST), end of day.


  • UTC.08:25 ~ 09:16, the game was inaccessible due to the Facebook login function error. Currently, you can access the game properly.
  • Jan.27(Tue) UTC.08:25 ~ 09:16

[Facebook issue announcement.]

  • Currently, all of the Facebook services are unavailable. The game will be accessible again when Facebook fix the issue by themselves.

[GRAND OPEN : Deutschland]

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Meet new competitors and allies!! Try to protect your ranking! To protect your ranking, you need to make more efforts and better fleets.

▶Download Link


  • New contents 'Conquest' : Get special commands and conquer space pirates
  • Exter(External Enhancer): Use exters to improve your trons!
  • Reserved fleet system : Operate reserved fleets for better battle performance!

[UPDATE] 2015.01.09

  • Maximum nation level has been increased from 80 to 100.
  • Maximum enhancement level has been increased from 50 to 55.
  • Tier7 weapon researches are unlocked.

[BUG FIX] 2014.12.09

- Only the last raid notice will be shown in your inbox.

[UPDATE BUG FIX] 2014.12.08

1. Leveling up in a raid or the campaign doesn’t spend 10 AP anymore.

2. Heroes with emergency repair or explosive fire skill gives you their skill LDs properly.

3. Alien raid messages won’t be sent to users below level 30.

4. A replacement of the tron for 50 level command reward, not equipable, has been sent