Astronest Wiki

Commonly Used Acronyms & Terms[]

Here are some commonly used acronyms used by the Astronest Community (


  • Dt- Destroyer Ship
  • Cr- Cruiser Ship
  • Bs- Battleship
  • Ms- Mothership

Hyper Ships:[]

  • H.Dt - Hyper Destroyer
  • H.Cr - Hyper Cruiser
  • H.Bs - Hyper Battleship
  • H.Ms -  Hyper Mothership


  • Lrf - Long Range Fire
  • Pf - Piercing Fire
  • Pc- Piercing Cannon
  • Ef- Explosive Fire
  • Rf- Random Fire (or Rapid Fire)
  • Rapf- Rapid Fire
  • Sf- Spread Fire
  • Cf - Counter Fire
  • Cff - Confusion Fire
  • Er - Emergency Repair
  • Ds - Defense Shield
  • Im - Intercept Missile
  • Cd - Cannon Defense
  • Ej - Electronic Jamming


  • Cm - Combat Master


  • Acc - Accuracy
  • Eva - Evasion
  • Res - Resistance
  • Dur - Durability
  • Lead - Leadership
  • Pm - Perfect Missile
  • Pc- Piercing Cannon
  • Df - Death Fighters
  • Sb - Sensitive Beam
  • Rof - Rate of Fire
  • Dps - Damage per second
    • This is NOT part of AN'S programming. It is a common term used to denote your damage dealers. A spread fire combat master may be referred to as "dps".


  • Proc - Short for process, basically meaning when a skill (like random fire) that has a % chance to activate, does indeed activate.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) -  is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of randomosity - the unpredictable outcome of a situation featuring a significantly randomized element. An acronym for "random number generator" or "random number generation", it refers to the process by which computers generate apparently random numbers, essentially the computer equivalent of 'chance'. The term is often used when referring to elements which are determined randomly, or situations which are significantly affected by chance or luck.
  • Squirrel - A high evasion & high durability fleet of ships assigned to one hero.
  • Tank - High defense & high durability fleet of ships assigned to one hero.
  • Glass Cannon - A hero with all attack and no defense.
  • Turtle - A defense setup where all heroes and fleets are optimized for defense.
  • Bleed - An unwanted stat is too high.
    • Ex. A gov hero has an attack stat that is too high.