Changelog: Edit

New Game Mode: Pursuit!

Accessible at level 20, this new game mode allows you to pursue special targets for prizes. Pursuit mode consists of 10 levels, with prizes becoming available from level 5. Each stage thereafter gives a new prize, but one must forfeit his/her prize before accessing the nest stage.

Pursuit mode is accessible once every 12 hours, but can be unlocked for instant access with crystals.

EXTERs added: TRON enhancement

Exters are special add-ons that enhance TRONS. There are two forms, normal and ADV. Normal Exters grant bonuses aligned with the TRON given abilities, but special Exters provide bonuses that also boost ACC, RES, and EVA. Exchanging Exters on a given TRON will destroy the previous one, though this can be remedied with crystal usage.

Reserve Fleets Added

5 extra fleets can be added as reserve for a maximum of 10. These can be swapped before fights, which can be quite useful for Alien Raids. (Fleet slots cost crystal.)

New Hero Skills

3 new skills were added to this patch: Electronic Jamming, Magnetic Jamming and Confusion Fire. Defensive in nature, the skills provide the following effects:

Electronic Jamming is an area-of-effect spell that drops enemy accuracy for all beam and cannon attacks.

Magnetic Jamming is an area-of-effect spell that drops enemy damage for missiles and Fighters.

Confusion Fire is a single target attack that has a random chance to disable the enemy fleet.

New Titles:

The following titles were added: Alien Raids, Alien Technology, TRON assembly, Exters


- Greatly improved server performance!

- iOS Game Center compatibility

- Can now check ally member's last login time

- Improved tooltip for Attack and Durability

- Removed a bug that allowed evasion of Explosive Fire's AOE damage

- Unnecessary TRONs can now be discarded

- New menu added for TRONs

- Other small bug fixes

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